The 411 on 3122: A Day Getting to Know Hawthorn



Creating somewhat of a stir amongst those in the know, has been the steady emergence of some very impressive new names to Hawthorn’s already iconic cultural landscape. Since it was announced that our latest development, Maple, would be a bright new addition to the suburb, Hawthorn has spawned new bars, eateries and even a new cinema! We thought that it might be nice to get to know Maple’s new neighbours, so spent a day exploring (and indulging) in her backyard. This is what it looked like…

Awakening to a sun drenched morning we lazily meandered over to Glenferrie Rd to visit the effortlessly cool crew at Short Straw, where the morning sun dappled in through the leaves of the majestic plane tree looming outside and I sat mesmerised by the menu. After much deliberation I decided the cacao, cranberry and hazelnut granola was what my tummy was calling for and when it arrived, toasted to crunch-perfection and accompanied by a silky yoghurt panna cotta topped with strawberries and a flurry of petals, I think I just might have squealed with delight. After whiling away a few hours over perfectly brewed caffeine hits and a good chunk of my book, lunch began to beckon.



Peeling my now imprinted backside from the seat, we made a beeline back to Burwood Rd to see what all the fuss has been about at BAWA. Another nature-filled pocket of serene glee, this modern oasis literally has leafy plants erupting from lighting fixtures and I found myself dizzily oohing and aahing my way to the table. Another epic menu to tempt all of our senses, the standout though was the oh-so-hot-right-now, Black Tonic. A shot of espresso muddled with tonic, a squeeze of lime and a dash of sugar syrup all coalesce into a mind-boggling slurp that completely revolutionises how you think about caffeine (and perhaps life).



So, after a morning and afternoon spent redefining gluttony, the calming appeal of taking in a film at Lido Cinemaplex was almost palpable. A big fan of the independent cinema-scene I thought I’d seen it all, never could have I imagined just how indulgent a boutique rooftop cinema overlooking the cityscapes could be; mind = blown.


By this point we had managed to have a total sensory immersion, yet dinner was still to be had! So, in the name of research, we decided to finish our hedonistic day with the latest addition to the growing empire that is Fonda, which just opened on Glenferrie also. The fourth instalment to their portfolio, Fonda have Mexican down to an art form and in keeping with their hype, my quesadilla was weighted with the superb balance of oozy cheesy goodness and crispy tortilla bite.



After ending the day on a massive high with their signature Margarita, I giddily rode home in my Uber and as we went passed little Maple I was struck with a feeling of warm pride knowing that this ever-evolving melting-pot of cultural allure, THIS is Maple’s neighbourhood.


May 5, 2016


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