Objects of Desire: Weekend Escapades


If the weather finally doing a 180 on the weekend did anything at all, it certainly got us thinking about how soul-warming a cool-climate escape is. A little mini-adventure where you can do more than just bake away on the sands of some beach, groggy in the pounding heat of the sun. Autumn escapes demand comfy footwear, cosy woollens and the prospect of indulging in hearty slow-cooked meals, goblets of velvety red wine and the prospect of a crackling fire as dusk creeps in.


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1 – Jackalope in the Mornington Peninsula 
So there’s luxe, and then there’s Jackalope. Inspired by what can only be described as an opulent, neo-romantic take on post-modern luxury, the dark, moody almost surreal details that have gone into bringing this idealistic reverie to life are inconceivable. A design-lovers dream, every iteration of the rooms exude a palpable air of painstaking consideration. Designed by architecture firm, Carr Design, Jackalope is the extravagant-escape the Mornington Peninsula’s weekend warriors have been screaming for. With 46 immaculately mused suites appointed with bespoke furnishings from Zuster furniture, a 30-meter infinity pool, immersive spa offerings, enviable views, a curated art collection and not one, but two fine-dining options, every one of your hedonistic-fantasies have been not just considered, but completely reimagined. Rooms are exxy, but true, inimitable experiences usually are.

2 – Get off the grid – Totally secluded with luxury amenities yet no more than 2hrs from the city
Today, escaping has never been easier and the art of achievable, experiential-adventures has engrained in us almost untenable expectations. From the simple pleasure Airbnb brought to us of feeling like you’re in your own home when you’re away from home, to planning out every detail of your adrenaline-fuelled quest with My Adventure Travel, to having confidence in knowing that every moment of your stay will be infused with a sense of pure-luxury thanks to Mr & Mrs Smith and their curated selection of worship-worthy hotels from across the globe, the opportunity for an innately personalised escapade is simply a given. The chance to escape it all though and go truly off the grid? That’s an experience that even the most travel-savvy of us would’ve struggled to devise. Identifying a gap in the experience-market that offered punters the ability to just disappear, Unyoked has become the internet’s answer to living like a hermit – even if for just 24 hours.

Founded and managed by twins Cam and Chris Grant, the off-the-grid experience brings you the convenience and comforts of four solid walls, alongside the adventure, spontaneity and closeness-to-nature of camping. Manufacturing the shrill joy that comes from abandoning society as we know it, Unyoked allows experiencers to take a strep-back from the daily grind and really just get back to basics. Offering two fully sustainable, solar-powered options found in private, secret patches of wilderness in the middle of nowhere. Anytime you want to flee the city, disconnect and recharge, all you have to do is book one and jump in your car for a short and achievable drive to your designated point of isolation. Who would have thought falling-off the grid was so simple?

3 – Hedonistic Yoga
If you’re anything like us and the thought of a yoga retreat seems a little like something you would do as an act of war rather than as a way to find inner-calm, than boy oh boy do we have some good news for you. Taking some of our most favourite cooler-month activities – namely drinking overflowing glasses of rich red wine while indulging in plates of home-cooked pasta – and adding to this mix everyone’s favourite way to flex their inner-spiritual warrior, Yoga Cucina is the brainchild of a rather unique trio of slashies ‘Yogies/Foodies’, who are completely revolutionising how we mix the act of yoga with the art of retreat. If that’s not enough to get you there, perhaps the thought of an epic 3 day adventure playing out against the backdrop of some of the country’s most picturesque locations will be. In need of some motivation? Head to their website a painful reminder of just why we need to ensure we need yoga in the mix; lots of beautiful, taught beings gauging on platefuls of rustic, carb-loaded dishes that make your love handles giddy.

4 – Travel Accessories
It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re going or what you plan on doing when you get there, the accessories you choose to travel with help set the scene for what kind of an experience you plan on having. Big fans of Hard Graft, their sturdy, incredibly handsome and most importantly, durable, travel wear has had our hearts for some years now. You can see their extensive range here, but we personally have our eye on this bad boy.


April 4, 2017


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