Objects of Desire: Sprucing up the bedroom




01 The Frame by Samsung

Subtlety is the new black – and gadget nails it.
Part-time TV, part-time photo frame, The Frame
has certainly caught our eye. Although unexcitingly named, it’s quite an exciting invention. When your TV is off, beautiful art reveals itself. Users can choose from the 100, free, curated pieces of art Samsung’s library offers, spanning across 10 different genres – landscapes, digital art and urban abstract just to name a few. You can also purchase pieces from the Art Store, an ever-increasing collection of established and emerging artists’ masterpieces. Want to get a little more personal? There is also the option to upload your favourite photos or memories on The Frame2 portal.

Find out more about The Frame here


02 Natural leather bedhead by fenton&fenton
fenton&fenton, you’ve damn diddly done it again. We’re digging this natural leather bedhead, a stylish alternative to an often wrongly selected piece of the bedroom. Hard to go wrong with this one, striking the perfect balance of simple and sophisticated. Plus, it’s neutrally coloured, meaning it will go with most decor and bedding – regardless of your style. Hot tip though, this one goes well with blue hues. Available in king and queen, for kings and queens.

Take a looksee here


03 Candles from Flambette

Sorry in advance. We know you hear about candles every second day, but we’ve come across some epic ones. And who doesn’t love well scented spaces? Made entirely of soy wax, Flambette has released a set of candles with terribly delicious combinations. Let’s list them all. Mint and rosemary; coffee and toffee; pineapple and cilantro; peach and ginger; fig and cypress; eucalyptus and mint; pear and green tea; citrus and sage; and raspberry and vanilla.
*Drools vigorously.*

Get me some of these candles


04 Books for your bedside from Gestalen
Put the phone down – after reading this EDM, of course. According to a recent Harvard study of 1000 adults in Ireland, it was found that one-third of adults only get six hours’ or less sleep each night, partly due to engaging with light-emitting right before bed. Simply put, mobiles and tablets stimulate us, which means for some, it takes longer to fall asleep. So the lesson is, get some regular books by your side. May we suggest starting at Gestalten – perhaps our favourite book publisher whose website is an endless library of inspiration. You’ll find all things travel, design and art among its pages. Here’s to sweeter dreams.

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September 6, 2017


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