Objects of Desire: Fixtures and Finishes for a Summer Home Makeover






Brass toilet roll holderjpg

Brass toilet roll holderjpg
01 Brass toilet roll holder – Designstuff
Designstuff takes you on a global adventure into the world of design through its carefully curated collection of contemporary Scandinavian fixtures, decor, gifts, artwork and toys. The store is renowned for housing stunning brands, both local and international, including Ferm Living, which has made its way into our new series of Elwood townhomes, Pine Ave, in the form of stunning brass toilet roll holders that grace each bathroom. A solid brass triangle held together by an oak wooden circle forms the ritzy fixture.
Take a squiz at Designstuff here.


02 Kaboom door handles – IN-TERIA
Part-time interior design and architecture practice, part-time product designer, Tasmanian-based IN-TERIA has crafted beautiful spaces and experiences for over a decade. The company holds particular interests in the themes of reinvention, adaptation and reuse. Pine Ave features IN-TERIA’S Kaboom handles on all sliding doors – hand-made, surface-mounted turned timber handles.
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03 Wireless speakers, SONOS
In 2002, SONOS set up a rather big goal for itself – to reinvent home audio for the digital age. The company’s vision was simple; fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again. We at ANGLE value how easy SONOS is making it for people to listen to what they love in the comfort of their own homes, at the highest quality of sound, so we have integrated its powerhouse systems into Pine Ave.
Check out SONOS here.


04 Leather pull tabs for wardrobe doors
Paul Kinny and Christina Teresinski were brought together by their collective love for leather goods. The two form Made Measure, whose approach is always quality over quantity, and the belief of simplicity in form and function. All Made Measure’s leather joinery handles and goods for the built space are both highly usable and honest. Paul and Christina revel in letting the leather to speak for itself – tactile and rich in texture, developing patina over time. So, we’ve drawn upon the Melbourne’s studio’s passion and included its gorgeous leather pull tabs to feature on Pine Ave’s wardrobe doors, for that extra special touch.
Head to Made Measure’s website here.




December 12, 2017


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