How to Keep Your Coif Coiffed




June 4, 2015


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When the chill winds come a’blowing, hair styles are usually the first victims. By mid-June each year, a Sisyphean-level despair starts to set in; the effort of styling your hair in the morning seems about as meaningful as pushing a boulder up a hill every day, only to see it roll straight back to the bottom come evening. By way of modern comparison, this is the same brand of despair that comes with realising the futility of daily bed-making.
Depending on what kind of man you are, this despair can lead you in either of two directions: either you can go down the path of self-awareness much like George Clooney’s character in O Brother Where Art Thou, or you can give up altogether and — come September — end up looking like John Travolta in Battleship Earth.

Friends, take our word for it. This war is not won by resigning yourself to either of these well-worn paths. There is another way. With just a little bit of product and savoir faire, you can ensure your coif remains perfect throughout the gusty days without resorting to perpetual primping.

1. Keep It Neat
The longer the hair, the harder it is to tame. For the next three months, remember: the hairdresser is your friend.

2. Know What You’re Working With
Not everyone is a Dapper Dan man. Depending on whether your hair is thin or thick, oily or dry, you’ll need to choose your pomade accordingly. We recommend Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax for thin hair and Fellow Barber Strong Pomade for those battling thick, angry locks each morning.

3. Go Manual
Fellas, this is the only time you’ll be spending on your hair today, so be patient. Before you go all Fast & Furious on that hair dryer, just slow it down a notch; go manual; use the towel. Once your hair has been rubbed half dry only, grab a gob of your pomade of choice and style it forward.

4. Diffuse the Tension
Invest in a diffuser for your hair dryer. Once you’ve applied a good slather of pomade, use the diffuser to dry the rest. This forces the air out in gentle spirals, thus locking in the style without blowing your hair in every which direction.

5. Get Dirty
Time to get your hands dirty with a good ol’ clay finish. Using a teensy scoop of your preferred clay (we prefer Baxter of California) — about the size of a 5-cent piece — work into the top layers of your hair using your fingers and let the strands fall naturally. After this, your ‘do won’t be going anywhere. Ain’t victory sweet?