House Trained: Around the World in Eight Wellness Retreats




If you haven’t managed to squeeze in a holiday yet, we hope you do soon. We want you to really treat yourself, so, we’ve search far and wide, from the Austrian Alps to the deep blues of the Caribbean, for some of the world’s greatest health and wellness retreats.


When you can’t leave the kids behind: Amatara Yoga, Thailand


When you’re in pursuit of some Caribbean warmth: The Body Holiday, Saint Lucia


When you’re too big a fan of Italy: Lefay Resort & Spa Lake Garda, Italy


When you feel like relaxation with a Middle Eastern twist: Zighy Bay, Oman-


When you can’t get the Sound of Music out of your head: Resort Lans, Austria -


When you seek snow-capped mountains in summer:  Aro Ha Wellness -Retreat, New Zealand


When you could do with over 30 acres of luxurious escapism: Shanti Maurice, Mauritius -


When you adore the homeland too much: Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia



September 6, 2017


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