From the Interwebs: Paris: The Neo Urban Jungle


As our own city centre begins to heat, the concrete jungle attracting the Summer sun’s intensity and turning the streetscapes into a realm of feverish suffocation where each surface feels like it might, at any moment, spontaneously combust. Though our beautiful city is dotted with the occasional greenspace punctuating the sprawling grey mess, there is yet to be seen enough of a concentrated effort to “green-up” Melbourne to make any real impact on what has been scientifically deemed as an “urban heated island”. Those far more civilised and enviro-conscious Frenchy’s however, have made such a concerted effort. A new law recently passed and now Parisians are not only allowed, but are encouraged to have their own urban gardens.
Residents will be able to receive renewable three-year permits for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other plants. According to the bill, these gardens must be maintained using sustainable methods only. The initiative is part of the mayo’s overarching plan to add 100 hectares of greenspace to the city by 2020 and thus help reduce urban heating while creating a city defined by its sense of lush serenity.

While the land of love might be one of the first to use the judiciary system to encourage green-urban-sprawl, there are plenty of other cities with their own examples of just how beautiful a verdant streetscape is. We’ve curated some of our personal favourites here.









November 25, 2016


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