From the Interwebs: Kill two birds with one stone – taking efficiency to a whole new level


Confession time, we at ANGLE have what some might like to call an unhealthy obsession with efficiency, we like to call it mastering the art of being highly-organised, others however might call it something along the lines of OCD or perhaps fanatical. Anyway, name calling aside, our fascination has been clocked by some either efficiency-aficionado or next-level-sloth, who has gone and created little instant meals that you can prepare IN YOUR WASHING MACHINE!!! We still have absolutely no idea which side of the crazy/genius divide this industrious creation falls on, but are either way, if I can do a load of whites and at the end have myself a plate-ready fillet of salmon in teriyaki sauce, or a sirloin steak in garlic butter after my sheets are done, then sir, we salute you.

If we’re going to be quite frank about this, with President Trump’s media advisor Kerryanne Conway’s recent claims that the president’s microwave was the source of espionage by old-mate Barack, finding appliances that might help in securing your privacy can only be a good thing. Fortunately for most of us, our washing machines tend to be contained to the laundry, and let’s be honest, the most action our laundry typically sees is you sneakily overloading the softener, which means with meals like this, we no longer have to fear the appliances in our ‘social’ areas turning on us and airing our most inner secrets to those pesky little spies masking themselves as ‘toasters’ or ‘kettles’ or ‘electric ovens’.

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April 4, 2017


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