ANGLE News: Blossoming Partnerships: ANGLE x Edition Office


If you have been following the ANGLE journey over the years, we are sure that by now you know one of our mantras is: Like Minds. Working in what is such a traditionally conservative space, approaching projects with fresh eyes, innovation and, at times, disruption to the status-quo, is what energises us as a team and motivates us to strive to approach each project with a new and distinct impetus. Aligning ourselves and our projects with ‘like minds’, those who aim to disrupt the norm and challenge conventions, gives us the motivation and inspiration to continue to learn, discover and keep pushing boundaries.

Our latest collaboration is such an alignment. Partnering over the last twelve months with the awe-inspiring architectural crew at Edition Office for a project that, till now, we have had to keep under wraps. We have been unequivocally bewildered and energised by their unorthodox approach to design and, quite simply, by the unique way they bring a vision to life. While still bound to the restrictions that come with finalising planning permits, we can reveal that we have acquired our next project site in Fenwick Street, Kew. Overlooking the stunning unkempt landscapes that take in some of the city’s most iconic views, the site which we have given the moniker, “Fenwick” for now, protrudes from the angular cliff-faces, offering an utterly contemporary opportunity for development.

Throughout the last twelve months, ANGLE and Edition Office have been deep in the design stages for Fenwick, finding infinite inspiration in the raw beauty of the site and the surrounding topography. Humbled to have been among Edition Office’s first endeavours under the banner of their new practice – the firm was founded as an independent venture between Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts, originally of the acclaimed Room11 Architects – Fenwick’s unveiling coincidently coincides with the practice’s own, much anticipated public reveal. Eminently elated to finally reveal both Fenwick and our partnership with Edition Office, both of which we are are confident will prove to present an innovative and inimitable contribution to Melbourne’s development landscape, here we have joined our visionary forces to try and create a conceptual musing of the project. So, put your conceptualising goggles on and get excited with us!

Conceived as a series of three distinct pavilions, securely perched atop the cliff edge hovering above the Yarra Boulevard, Fenwick is distinguished by its expansive views to distant topography and below to the Yarra River. Breaking down overall massing, the pavilions will take on a human scale and reside organically within its iconic garden situ. Dense landscaping purposefully weaves through the project site, adding a deliberate frame to the sublime view lines beyond. Intentionally reverberating the distinctly raw nature of its locale, a robust and authentic material palette of concrete, steel, Australian native hardwood and brass brings the project to life, while encouraging graceful maturation; continuing to develop in character with the passing of time.

It is both ANGLE and Edition Office’s intention to craft projects with their own deep sense of place, providing immersive sanctuaries equipped for the rich inner-words of those who will go on to inhabit them. The landscape is as important as the architecture in achieving this quality and we are excited to be working with a collective of industry leaders to achieve this vision.




October 10, 2016


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