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If you’ve jumped onto our website recently, you might have noticed that we’ve been busily acquiring new sites and forming new relationships that will help bring to life the new developments that we hope will continue to be inspired by – while contributing to – the transformative mood sweeping the city that we love so much. While a survey of both our most recent projects as well as those from our earlier-days showcases an unapologetic commitment to …. well, other than creating incredibly designed spaces crafted to enhance the lives that will be lived within them, then not much really!

We take a huge amount of pride in working with an extraordinary array of musers, makers, planners, proposers, designers and doers, all completely inimitable in their art, yet united by a shared commitment to surpassing excellence. Our relationships with our partners are as unique and distinct as the sites we acquire and the homes that will need to perfectly compliment the lives that will unfold from within them. We strongly believe that no one site, project, plan, partner, supplier or eventual purchaser, can be devised into a ready-made mould that can be overlaid onto any other and are passionately non-committal in the sense that it means that wherever we are in a specific process, we approach it with fresh, eager eyes and the burning ambition to bring together the best team and strategy that will give this project its unique edge.

Perhaps the only flirtation with commitment we seem to have, is with our beloved city of Boroondara. Granted, every now and again we will have an exciting and inspired dalliance with city’s like Stonington and, most recently, Port Phillip, yet the lure of Boroondara always pulls us back. A city defined by a history rich in affluence and prestige, yet continuing to find new and formidable incarnations as each new generation makes its mark upon the community, ANGLE sees in Boroondara so much of why again and again Melbourne is hailed as The Most Liveable City in the World. Effortlessly weaving the traditional with the innovative and the transformative, it’s so often Boroondara that we see leading the city’s cultural vanguard.

A community that too shares in our phobia of stagnancy and commitment, the city is instead impassioned by, and motivated to, consistently exceed its inhabitants expectations. A quick exploration into our own projects within the city showcases the various and unique communities that make up the municipality and the prevailing distinction each community holds within itself. The beauty of our role, as modern developers inspired by the context and character of our sites, is to try and create homes that perfectly encapsulates and then reverberates this inimitable essence. When you begin to examine each of our Boroondara project’s in relation to one another, you really do get a feel for just how distinct each of these development’s and their contextual communities truly are.

Our first foray into the the city, Luton Lane resounded with the playful energy of its Hawthorn locale. Our design team was young and effervescent and the homes carry this vibrant character throughout. Similarly found in Hawthorn, but with the golden amber sunlight that distinguishes the development’s site positioning the project in an ambient, rich glow, Maple was inspired by its enviable location and the unending array of cafes, restaurants and bars opening at its door. Defined by a stylised kind of elegance but with a palpable modern-cool, these homes epitomised the new generation of living sweeping the community. Our next foray into Boroondara came with our introduction into the tightly-held community of Fenwick Street, Kew. Perched atop a precipice overlooking the Yarra Boulevard, nestled amongst some of the city’s most architecturally ingenuitive homes, Fenwick has been mused to capture its neighbours penchant for stylised innovation. Working alongside some of the most forward thinking and inspirational design teams in the field, these homes project a sense of perpetuity that cement their place alongside similar monuments to inspired design. Perhaps epitomising the widely different characters of each of these Boroondara communities that we try and develop into each project, ANGLE’s latest acquisition can also be found in Kew, this time on Cotham Rd. While still defined by the same heritage of prestige Fenwick also relishes in, we see our Cotham project as being inspired by a strong sense of familial tradition, owing namely to the community’s history of academic excellence. Taking cues from classical, timeless design elements and the demands that come from a typical, modern family, these homes intuit and respond to the rituals of busy households, while always maintaining a demeanour of effortless sophistication.

An easy city to fall in love with again and again and again, each time for new and enticing reasons, Boroondara offers something of a new-age love affair for those of us who like to not just keep up with, but keep ahead of progress.

Edition 01: Luton Lane Edition 01: Luton Lane
Edition 02: Maple
Edition 02: Maple

kew FEN_CLIFF_CACTUS_cropped_WEB KEW 20160909 Fenwick Sunset 1758 Edition 05: Cotham Edition 05: Cotham


April 4, 2017


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