A property developer’s job extends beyond constructing four walls. It’s about creating spaces for people to live in.

We’ve learnt from those who came before us, but we bring with us fresh eyes and a different perspective.

An emphasis on choice and focus on liveability.

Spaces for entertaining and relaxing.

Storage for the things that make up, and take up a life.

Locations for getting around on two feet instead of four wheels.

Technology that makes life easier, not harder.

We have taken a ‘Like Minds’ approach, curating project teams that are as individual as the property they’re constructing, and the people that are living within.

That’s our ANGLE.


News + Lifestyle

Insights into the happenings within and outside our four walls.
  • Always a little ahead of the vanguard, while artists the world over have gone into overdrive with the discovery of the “perfect blue”, ANGLE have been toting our trademark shade since 2012... Read More
  • Nothing quite thaws winter-addled bones like a bit of DIY, and with most of our salaries for the season going to survival-items - like chips and gravy - getting crafty becomes less of a fun activity and more of a necessity.... Read More
  • Winter has this nauseatingly-infectious ability to deduce an entire day, weekend, week, month, season perhaps, to a state of pure, all-consuming inertia. We get it, the mercury drops and so does any hope of ever leaving the couch again. ... Read More
  • Every winter, those creative masterminds at the NGV manage to scour the four corners of the earth to curate an unnervingly intimate exhibition in which we mere mortals stand stupefied before some piece of artistic genius that voyeuristically carries us from the drab-winter afternoon to some other time and place: typically one filled with delicately hued landscapes and painfully beautiful creatures who make your soul hurt.... Read More
  • Ever wondered how those Swiss-folk live in sub-degree temperatures so much of their year and still manage to kick-ass at basically anything they put their name to? The weather drops below 18 degrees here and we curl up on the couch, dialling in for all of our meals and power watching marathon-after-marathon of Seinfeld episodes, while in Switzerland average winters are usually in the negative digits and yet they are the happiest country in the world. Answer. Chocolate. ... Read More
  • Guaranteed, when those rainy days come a calling, you will need some light-hearted relief to help get you through the day. These satirical creations from Spanish graphic designers Tata&Friends will be a great trivia-esque way to pass the time this autumn. ... Read More
  • Autumn : You become painfully aware that you are in the throes of Autumnal joy when an umbrella is so often prefaced by you having just made the confident decision to leave the house in a t-shirt and lightweight sweater. This is typically proceeded by a mad dash to the nearest discount store to vie with fellow unwitting victims of the guileful Autumn scoundrel for something, anything, to protect you from whatever she might throw at you next.... Read More
  • Creating somewhat of a stir amongst those in the know, has been the steady emergence of some very impressive new names to Hawthorn’s already iconic cultural landscape. Since it was announced that our latest development, Maple, would be a bright new addition to the suburb, Hawthorn has spawned new bars, eateries and even a new cinema! We thought that it might be nice to get to know Maple’s new neighbours, so spent a day exploring (and indulging) in her backyard. This is what it looked like...... Read More
  • We are incredibly excited, overwhelmed, humbled and downright proud in our latest development, Maple Hawthorn, for being included in this year’s Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards. ... Read More
  • You love your family. You really do. And Christmas is about the only time you get to see them all together. Your older brother has flown back from New York for the occasion, your grandmother’s Christmas pudding is the consistent highlight of your annual calendar and you can’t wait to meet your cousin-in-law’s newborn child, even if you can’t keep track of the familial terminology that designates you as… what? Second cousin-in-law once removed? Don’t ask.... Read More
  • Sick of fighting back the urge to smash a perfectly good screen when, inevitably, on the morning after a big night out, you claw your way towards your laptop and use the last of your energy to ask Google, for the hundredth time at least, ‘CAN YOU DIE FROM A HANGOVER??’ only to receive that most vilely smug and pseudo-sadistic response appear on your screen: ‘The best way to cure a hangover is not to drink in the first place.’?... Read More
  • When the chill winds come a’blowing, hair styles are usually the first victims. By mid-June each year, a Sisyphean-level despair starts to set in; the effort of styling your hair in the morning seems about as meaningful as pushing a boulder up a hill every day, only to see it roll straight back to the bottom come evening.... Read More


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